Winning the biggest battle of all

Richard Halverson, an American author, writes, ‘Do you want to be a winner? Compete against yourself, not somebody else. Outrunning your rival doesn’t mean you ran your best race. You can win over another and still not fulfil your potential. To be your best you must compete with yourself; Alexander the Great conquered the world, yet cursed his own lack of self-control. Victory over others may in fact be the very thing that contributes to the winner’s failure to conquer self. Winning makes him arrogant, independent, thoughtless; and sometimes cruel. The one who stops maturing spiritually because he thinks he knows more scripture than others, or has more success in ministry, is still far from being what Christ has planned for him.’

Wow, read that again and let it sink in! Sometimes it’s easy for us to think we are more sorted because we might be doing better than someone else. We might be doing better but are we doing our best?

Oh and if you’re going to start comparing, compare yourself with the top dog himself! ‘Christ…is your example. Follow in His steps: He never sinned, never told a lie, never answered back when insulted; when He suffered He did not threaten to get even; He left His case in the hands of God who always judges fairly’ (1 Peter 2:21-23 TLB). Go ahead, measure yourself by that standard! And when you see how far short you fall, get down on your knees and ask God to mould and fashion your life into the full potential, the divine original He intended. Do that and you win the biggest battle of all!

‘Christ…is your example. Follow in his steps.’ 1 Peter 2:21 TLB

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