What does God think about work?

Has God put us on the planet just to chill out and have a laugh – or does He have a plan for us that involves that four-letter word: WORK!

Firstly, we know from today’s verse that God values humility and servant-hood, not pride and ‘gimmee gimmee’ attitudes. ‘Be humble in the Lord’s presence, and he will honor you.’ If we are secure in our identity as God’s child, we can get on with our lives knowing that, like the loving parent He is, our Heavenly Father will recognize and reward us fairly and generously. Knowing this frees us from being a desperate wannabe who needs to be the centre of attention. In fact, if being appreciated is your sole reason for doing a job, God may well allow people to overlook you until you sort your attitude out. You can be appreciated by your friends for just being you but once you get a job your personality takes second place to the stuff you actually get done!

Secondly, God values courage and risk-taking. Think about the bold step David took leaving his home in the countryside and travelling to King Saul’s palace. He must have felt seriously out of place in the culture of the royal court. Then later, after it became clear that his new boss was bothered by an evil spirit David kept his cool because he knew God wanted him there. ‘Be humble in the Lord’s presence, and he will honor you.’ One day David would have his boss’s position, palace and perks, but year after year he proved he could handle the hard work needed on the way to the top. Can you?


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