Time to Move On

January 5 Time to Move On

No matter how bad things look, always remember the words, ‘it came to pass’, not ‘to stay’.

Life doesn’t stand still; there will always be challenges. Don’t let them destroy your confidence; instead, use them as opportunities to grow.

Once you’ve grown in the areas where God thinks you need additional maturity, the season you’re in will pass.

Nothing lasts forever.

Although it’s hard to believe at the time, ‘You will forget your trouble and remember it…as water gone by.’

One author writes: ‘To forget isn’t to develop amnesia. It’s to reach a place where the misery is pulled from the memory like poison is removed from an insect bite. Once it’s gone, healing is inevitable. The memory will become as ‘‘water gone by’’. When the water that’s flowing around your ankles today passes, you’ll never see it again.’

Kristin Armstrong says: ‘When someone died in Old Testament times, those who were in mourning marked their faces with ashes. They allotted a specified season, after which they scrubbed up and moved on.

How much healthier is that than our society?

We put on make-up, or a happy or stoic face, and stop people from having compassion and respecting our limits. We’re so busy hiding that we’re buried under ashes on the inside.

God will call us to arise and shine when our light has come (Isaiah 60:1).

Ask Him to set your time limit, and be ready to wash your face.’ Then move on.

‘You will forget your trouble…as water gone by.’  Job 11:16 NCV

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