The Reason for the Attack

The Devil doesn’t want you to know that God’s favor is on your life, or that you’ve been blessed by Him with all the good things you enjoy.

The truth is, the Devil doesn’t want you to think God has done anything good for you at all! He will try to convince you that you have no purpose, power, or potential. He’ll try to persuade you that your background means you won’t amount to anything, and if that doesn’t work he’ll play the childhood memories card. If that doesn’t work, he will remind you of all the disappointments you’ve been through in life.

And if you buy what he’s selling you’ll end up with such self-doubt and low self-esteem you won’t believe God has blessed you in any way, or that He has a wonderful plan for your life. But He has! No matter how limited your ability or lackluster your accomplishments, every blessing you’re enjoying today happened because the Lord is on your side.

The psalmist said, ‘Then my enemies won’t defeat me,  and I will know that you really care. You have helped me because I am innocent, and you will always be close to my side. ’ (vv. 11-12 CEV). David understood that his enemies were attacking him because they witnessed the favor of God on his life.

The question is, do you understand that God’s favor is on your life too?

If you don’t, you won’t expect the attack, understand the reason behind it or how to overcome it. You’re blessed and favored – that’s why you’re a target!

Are others resentful because of what God has done for you?

How come they see it and you can’t?

‘Then my enemies won’t defeat me, and I will know that you really care. ’  Psalm 41:11 CEV

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