The Lion and the Lamb

Many people live their lives in a storm of destruction and chaos. They have been hurt and so they lash out and hurt others. They wear their sins on their sleeves. Other people seem to live life in permanent sunshine and would never hurt a fly. It’s hard to imagine they actually ever sin. But both need God’s amazing grace.

Listen: If you were on a trip to the zoo and a little lamb came running towards you, you wouldn’t be scared because lambs are fluffy and cute. You might even reach and let the lamb lick your hand. But let’s say you’re at the zoo and the alarm goes out that a lion has escaped from its cage. If you’re standing there and that lion comes running towards you, you’d be terrified because you know what lions can do. But just suppose that the runaway lion corners you – but instead of attacking you it licks your hand the way the lamb did!

If that happened whose gentleness would you appreciate more, the lamb’s or the lion’s?

You’d appreciate the lion’s gentleness more because you know that he could just as easily have destroyed you. Well, grace is God’s kindness and gentleness to us when He could have destroyed us as guilty sinners. But God wanted to welcome us into His family, so instead of expressing His anger towards us He found someone willing to take our place: Jesus, not just a good person, but the perfect Son of God. Jesus took the punishment that mankind deserved. In an amazing twist of the plot, the lion became the lamb. And now we can become friends with God. Isn’t that amazing!


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