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Ministering to Others (2)

Professor Tony Campolo once attended the funeral of an acquaintance, and by mistake ended up at the wrong funeral parlor. The body of an elderly man was laid out, and his widow was the only mourner there. She seemed so...


Ministering to Others (1)

Years ago a lady visited an orphanage and asked the matron, ‘Is there a child here nobody has offered to adopt?’ The matron replied, ‘There is. She’s ten years old, not much to look at, and she has a hunchback.’...

How Are You Doing? (2) Comments

How Are You Doing? (2)

Sometimes pastors, church workers, and ministry heads hide behind their busy schedules to avoid having to say ‘no’ to people. Jesus knew when to get involved, and when not to. Learn from Him. You’ll never be able to respond effectively...