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What is Christmas all about?

That first Christmas, God did something extraordinary. Max Lucado puts it this way: ‘Stepping from the throne, He removed His robe of light and wrapped Himself in skin: pigmented human skin. The light of the universe entered a dark, wet...


The Christmas spirit

For some people Christmas is not a time of joy, but depression. In some cases it’s because their families are fractured by divorce and their memories are painful. In their book, None of These Diseases, S.I. McMillen and David Stern...

This Christmas, Look for Jesus Comments

This Christmas, Look for Jesus

The Wise Men couldn’t have imagined humbler circumstances than those surrounding the birth of Jesus. Max Lucado paints the picture: ‘The ground is hard, the hay scarce. Cobwebs cling to the ceiling…Mary looks into the face of her Son. Her...