Strive to be sexually pure

Sex wasn’t a mistake God made when He was a bit distracted! God doesn’t want to wipe out your desire for some lurrrve – but He wants you to enjoy it the way He designed it. You see, when we don’t understand God’s original intent for sex, things go haywire!

Saying ‘I’m reserving sex for marriage’ tends to drop a few jaws and make you a wallflower at a few parties. So what! Despite what you see in the movies and in social media, when there’s physical intimacy without true commitment, count on it – somebody’s going to get hurt. You need to check out God’s Word, talk to a trusted mentor, be honest with yourself, and make up your mind. And you need to do it now, you need to know where to draw the line before you get to the party or start practicing MOMOL because then you’ve waited too late, your feelings will take control!

We all struggle at times with our sexuality, particularly in today’s culture. Sex is such a deep part of us. And guilt about sex has a way of making us feel separated from God like nothing else. So in order to determine your values and set some ground rules, you need to vow before God, ‘I’m not going to allow my impulses to dictate to me, or sin to separate me from You. I choose to keep Your standards, to rely on Your Spirit to give me strength day by day; and if I do sin, to seek Your forgiveness, get back up and move closer to You.’ Count on it; that’s a prayer God will answer!

‘Avoid sexual immorality.’ 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 NIV

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