King David came up with a plan for building the temple, but his son Solomon actually built it.

Question: Do you have a strategy for fulfilling your dream? Are you working on it? Or are you waiting for someone like a fairy godmother to come along and bail you out? The only thing worse than having no dream is having one without a plan to make it a reality. A strategy gives you energy, direction, and focus.

A study was conducted on how infrequently people develop strategies for achieving their dreams.

Here’s what it revealed:

  • 26% focus on specific, tangible targets for what they want in life;
  • 19% set goals aligned with their purpose, mission, and passion;
  • 15% write down their goals in specific measurable detail;
  • 12% maintain a clearly defined goal for every major interest and life role;
  • 12% identify related daily, weekly and long-term goals with deadlines.
  • Only 7% take daily action toward the attainment of at least one goal.

Read the authors’ comment on the study: ‘Americans, once again, get an ‘F’ in this critical area of their performance. Simply put, they fail to consistently take the actions necessary to move their dreams and visions out of their hearts and heads and into their lives’.

Dreams don’t come true because you ‘wish upon a star’. Sure, it happens in the movies, but IRL (In Real Life), they come true because you seek God for direction, put them down on paper with specific actions and timelines, become accountable to yourself—and if you’re wise, to somebody else too. So the word for you today is, ‘Don’t just stargaze. Strategize!’

‘David gave his son Solomon the plans for…the temple.’      1 Chronicles 28:11 NIV

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