Stages of spiritual growth (1)

There are three stages to spiritual growth. The first is childhood. Have you got any little rugrats in your family?! If you have you’ll know that there’s one thing toddlers are good at; it’s tripping and falling. Until they learn to walk confidently they need someone to pick them up, dry their tears, stick a Band-Aid on their scraped knee, and reassure them that falling down doesn’t mean they’ll never be able walk like a grown up or that they’re not part of the family. There are two things a spiritual toddler needs to understand: first, the difference between their stage of growth, and their spiritual position before God. Don’t get these two things mixed up! Trusting in the finished work of Jesus (becoming a Christian) is the only thing that gives you right standing with God. From that moment on you are a fully accepted and rescued child of His. That’s how He sees you. If you forget that you’ll be in trouble, because every time you fall or mess up the Devil will try to make you doubt your salvation.

Think about this; suppose you’re sitting in a math class and you enter some wrong numbers into your calculator. What do you do? You have a little button called ‘clear’ which allows you to erase your error and start over. That’s what the blood of Jesus does for you; it gives you a fresh start. Asking God to forgive you and deciding to live differently helps you to grow; we need to do it every day. The important thing to do whenever you trip up is to run quickly to Jesus.

‘I am writing to you, little children, because your sins have been forgiven.’ 1 John 2:12 NAS

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