So far so good! (3)

A well-known Bible teacher says, ‘As a new Christian…I tried to become what I thought all Christians were…I thought they’d mastered a level of holiness that seemed to elude me. I admired those ‘faith heroes’ whose flowery testimonies hung around the ceiling like steam gathering in a shower. They seemed so changed, so sure, so stable…I thought God’s love was doled out according to a merit system. If I did well today, God loved me…if I failed, He didn’t. What a roller-coaster ride!…I didn’t realize everything that’s born has to grow and develop to maturity. I was expecting an immediate, powerful, all-inclusive metamorphosis that would transform me into…perfection.’

Do you feel that way?

Like there’s something wrong with you because you never seem to measure up?

Paul says, ‘When we were children, we…reasoned as children…But when we grew up, we quit our childish ways.’ Every Christian starts out as a child needing time and training to grow up. It’s cool to want to be holy but putting on a front trying to impress others is pointless. It’ll stop you from being honest before God or with your leaders. You can only grow when you are honest about where you are at.

Remember when you were a child and you dressed up in your Mom’s high heels or your Dad’s work boots? No matter how much you wanted them to fit, they didn’t look right. That didn’t mean there was something wrong with you; it just meant you were exactly where you should have been for your age. It’s the same in your walk with God. It’s important to give Him time to mature you.

‘When I was a child.’ 1 Corinthians 13:11 NIV

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