Shout ‘wonderful’

When you meet someone who needs encouragement, give it to them! Why?

Because more people die of broken hearts than swollen heads. And that’s true, whether they live in a mansion or a mud hut. There is a cheesy story about a little boy who wanted to play darts with his father. He said, ‘Come on, Dad, let’s play darts. I’ll throw and you shout “amazing!”‘ You may smile, but the truth is we tend to become what the most important people in our lives think of us. So whether it’s friends or family think the best, believe the best, and express the best toward them; for your words are helping to shape their destiny.

And remember, change happens by inches, not miles! The only way we can break old habits, old ways of thinking about ourselves, is to form new ones – and that takes time and practice – lots of it! You can’t tell people something just once and expect them to get it. No, they need to hear it over and over before they start thinking differently about themselves. And how you tell them, the look in your eyes and the tone of your voice, can determine whether they really believe it. So think about it. Find creative ways of encouraging them; send a card, buy a trophy or medal and get it inscribed with a message, write a song or poem, carve a sculpture of them out of ice – well maybe not; but you get the idea. For most us actions speak louder than words. Be persistent! Never give up trying to lift them up, encourage, and help them. Remember, ‘Love…always hopes, always perseveres… never fails.’

‘Love…always hopes, always perseveres…never fails.’ 1 Corinthians 13:6-8 NIV

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