Put on your armor (3)

An important key to the effectiveness of a soldier’s armor is putting it on right so that the pieces fit together and provide maximum protection. So, how do you ‘put on the full armor of God?’

By prayer: ‘…pray at all times in the Spirit…’ (Ephesians 6:18 NAS). Muttering a few words isn’t enough; you need to pray specifically at the start of every day, asking God to clothe you with each piece of His armor. You wouldn’t leave the house physically naked so don’t leave it spiritually naked either. Again Paul writes: ‘Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh…’ (Romans 13:14 NAS). This is one of the best verses in the Bible on how to win over temptation. Don’t give Satan an inch or he’ll take a mile.

Trainers who want to train dogs to listen to them and obey their commands no matter what, start the training by throwing a juicy piece of red meat in front of the dog. The untrained dog goes for the meat immediately, but eventually the trainer teaches the dog to keep its attention on him no matter what’s put in front of him. When the process is successful the dog won’t take its eyes off its master, even when the ‘temptation’ of meat is right under its nose. There’s an important lesson here for you. If you keep your eyes on Jesus it won’t matter what kind of meaty lie or temptation Satan throws your way. Every now and then you may want to ‘go for it’, but if you keep your eyes on Jesus and listen to His voice alone, you’ll beat Satan every time.


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