Mind prayers

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Did you know that you can pray in your mind without having to speak a word out loud?

All of us know the power of unspoken communication. Many of us have grown up with parents who didn’t have to say a thing to make their will known. It may have been the way they’d tilt their heads, a certain look in their eyes or some other signal; but whatever it was, we knew exactly what was being communicated and how we were expected to respond.

Our goal in prayer should be to maintain such a close relationship with God that we can communicate back and forth no matter what the situation, the time of day, or anything else. And we don’t have to shout, or use the right words in the right order, because our hearts are in tune with God’s heart.

It’s like the story of the little boy who wanted a bicycle for Christmas. He was praying one night at the top of his voice, telling God the colour of bike he wanted. His mom said, ‘Son, you don’t need to shout for God to hear you.’ He replied, ‘I know, mom, but I need to shout if grandpa’s going to hear me and buy me that bike!’ The truth is, we don’t need to shout for God to hear us and we don’t need to try and make our own answers to prayer happen either. Jesus said our Heavenly Father knows what we need before we ask. He gives to us because of our relationship with Him, not just because we say it at a decibel level loud enough to be heard in heaven!

‘Through faith in him we may approach God with… confidence.’ Ephesians 3:12 NIV

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