Let God be God

In ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ Lucy sees Aslan the Great Lion for the first time. She was afraid, and rightly so. Lucy whispered to Mrs Beaver ‘Is he safe?’ ‘Safe?’ Mrs Beaver replied, ‘Of course he’s not safe! But he is good, he’s the King I tell you!’ Narnia author CS Lewis was a Christian and it’s no secret that Aslan is very much based on Jesus.

God has many facets – which basically means he’s loads of things all at the same time. He’s your Dad, your best friend, your Saviour. He’s kind and loving and generous and wonderful. But, at the same time He’s King, He’s a ruler, He’s a judge, He’s Lord over all, He’s creator of the earth, He’s really is a great big God! As God is all those things we have to be careful not to put Him in a box. Sure he’s your pal and He’s always there and he loves you to bits, but he’s also God, Almighty God. T

he God in the Old Testament is the same God He is today. He’s a no-nonsense God. He’s not to be messed with and He’s not to be picked up and put down when we feel like it. God’s not Santa, his job is not to provide for your every whim. God is good, He is always right, He is kind and He is fair, but He’s not safe. He won’t be mocked and He won’t be messed about. God is not a hobby or an interest. God is not to be feared, but He is to be revered. Think today about your actions, is God getting all the respect he deserves?


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