Have a dream

How big is your vision?

Do you even have a vision?

Martin Luther King Jr. famously declared in one of the best known speeches in history: ‘I have a dream’. Martin Luther King’s dream was to see a future where blacks and whites would live together in harmony as equals. But Luther King’s dream wasn’t just a dream; a distant thought of ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’. He devoted his whole life to promoting nonviolence and equal rights for everyone and as a result he did more to advance the cause of Black Americans than anyone else has ever done.

Martin Luther King’s dream was a God-given dream. In a time where black people were not much better than slaves with hardly any legal rights, poor access to education, no right to be in authority, and no opportunity to have a normal job and provide for their families, surely Martin Luther King’s dream was impossible?

Well, he knew that the Bible says that God is able to do ‘more than we can ask or imagine’. But the verse doesn’t stop there, here’s the key part: ‘according to his great power which is at work in us.’

This verse tells us that:

1) No matter how big we dream, God can do way more than the greatest thing we can even imagine.

2) He won’t just do it, he does it through us! Can you imagine what the world would look like if Martin Luther King woke up one day having had his dream and thought ‘that’s nice, it’ll never happen though’ – turned over and went back to sleep?! If you don’t have a dream or a vision, ask God for one today.


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