Family secrets

Most families like to keep their family secrets a secret. Yet amazingly, you’ve barely dipped a toe into Matthew’s gospel when you realize that Jesus comes from a less-than-perfect family. Rahab was a Jericho prostitute. Grandpa Jacob was faulty enough to warrant an electric ankle bracelet. David had a personality as stable as a three-legged table – one day writing Psalms, another day seducing someone else’s wife.

But did Jesus erase their names from the list?

Not at all. So why did He hang His family’s dirty laundry on the clothesline for all to see? Because if you look back your family has secrets too. A cousin with a criminal record. A dad who left and never came home. A grandparent who ran away with the company cash. If your family isn’t as perfect as you wish they were, Jesus wants you to know ‘I’ve been there.’

The phrase ‘I’ve been there’ is Jesus’ theme tune. To the lonely He whispers ‘I’ve been there.’ To the discouraged, He nods His head and sighs ‘I’ve been there.’ To the bullied and beaten He winces remembering ‘I’ve been there’. Jesus wasn’t scared to call His ancestors His family – and He’s not ashamed of you either! Jesus, who makes people holy, and those whom He’s made holy, are from the same family. ‘He’s not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.’ That means He’s not ashamed of you; nor is He confused by you. Your actions don’t baffle Him. Your family secrets don’t bother Him. So go to Him. After all, you’re part of the family.


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