Cup of tea approach

Every teenager has a problem with their parents. It doesn’t matter how great you are or how understanding they are, teens will always feel blamed for everything and parents will always feel their children are not being helpful. There are loads of reasons for this – often because teenagers actually aren’t helping with life and are generally making things more difficult, after all, teenagers do know everything!

But what happens when life gets so bad that you’re constantly at each others throats?

In fact what happens when you’re not getting along with other people too?

Everyone has hurts and pains – undealt-with issues that can make you act a certain way. At some point those issues will be most at the surface and who do you take it out on?

Those closest to you. In times of need we often take the people we need most, those who love and care for us unconditionally and instead of getting support from them, we chose to use them as a verbal punchbag. If you feel you’re always being blamed for things you haven’t done, the chances are the person blaming you is having a hard time and just using that little thing as a way of expressing the pain they feel.

So how do you react?

Well it’s simple, you react with love. In the midst of a fight with your mom, stop and tell her she’s looking nice today. When arguing with your dad, ask him if he’d like a cup of tea. If your little brother’s winding you up again, tell him you love him. It’s impossible to fight with someone who is showering you with love and compliments! Love will calm a situation, stop an argument and bring you together. During your next fight, give it a try.


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