Are you being tested? (3)

Have you ever seen or been on a tree-top rope course?

You work your way around a series of obstacles and go from tree to tree. The obstacles could be suspended tires, a rope bridge, a thin log, or an unlimited number of other wood and rope combinations to make your way across.

Sound difficult?

Well life can be a bit like that, with obstacles coming one after another. You can’t get off, you can’t really go back, and you can only stay still for so long shouting ‘I can’t do it!’ At some point you’ve got to move. The rope courses are very dodgy and it’s easy to fall off. In your own strength you’d almost certainly fall to the ground and seriously damage yourself, and possibly die.

So how do you do it?

Well, there’s a safety harness. You’re permanently attached to a strong rope above your head and if you fall off, you can’t fall any further than the obstacle you’re on. God’s just like that safety harness. We face trials and when we look down, boy, we can feel like we’re about to fall big time! But we can’t. Whether you have enough and decide to let go or try your very best and still slip off, that’s when you realize He’s got you – firm, secure, and you can’t get away. You can have a little rest in His arms, then with His help climb right back on and keep going. There’s no trial He can’t get you through and no matter how endangered you feel, you’re never alone. He’s not going to let you go, even if you want Him to!


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